See What Our Customers Are Saying!

Customer reviews paint a clear picture of how well a business is doing. At Oswalt Restaurant Supply, we pride ourselves in having great reviews across the board. We have five star ratings on both and The only way to get such great feedback is to treat customers well from the start. Check out what others are saying about our sales and services so you can be confident when you work with us.

Customer Reviews

“We have been buying from Oswalt Restaurant Supply as long as we have been a business so about 18 years now. We don’t even shop our business. We tell them what we need and they get it for us. Their pricing is better than anyone in town.”
– David R. from Oklahoma City, OK

“I had a good experience with Oswalt Restaurant Supply. I ordered a few things from their website, which was very user friendly. I was able to search for my items easily. I didn’t need to contact anyone for troubleshooting or anything. Prices were good, and everything arrived on time.”
– Al P. from Maricopa, AZ

“I find Oswalt to be a company that appreciates their customers which is not all that common anymore.”
– Judy M. from Seattle, WA

“I have been a customer for the past three years. I have had excellent service from the sales staff and I find them to be very helpful and friendly.”
– Jennifer W. from Oklahoma City, OK

“Oswalt Restaurant Supply does a good job for us. They always get everything out to us promptly. Working with them is pleasant.”
– Jason I. from Panera Bread in Edmond, OK

Why Oswalt Restaurant Supply Is the Best

What makes Oswalt the best restaurant supply company Oklahoma has to offer? Our extensive experience and our true passion for our customers. We believe in the products that we sell and the businesses we work with. That is why our clients come back to us time and time again. We wouldn’t sell anything to our customers that we wouldn’t confidently use ourselves, which is why we have a satisfaction guarantee.

Whether you run a small restaurant or an international food chain, we want to work with you. Contact Oswalt Restaurant Supply today to learn how we can help you.