Choosing Shelving for Your Commercial Kitchen

With the right kind of shelving in your commercial kitchen, you can easily organize trays of food to be served at a later time. There are many different styles of commercial kitchen shelving, so you have to determine which option will work best for you. The guide below will explain how to choose the best shelving for your commercial kitchen so you can use it effectively.

Food Height

Consider the height of the food that you need to store. Do you need racks for dinner roles or large plastic buckets? This will make a difference in determining which wire racks are right for you. All of them will come with adjustable shelves that you can move around on your own, but you still need to think about food height when making your selection.

Available Space

How much room do you have for your shelving? Measure the area you plan to put your shelves to see if they will fit or not. If you are going to be putting up multiple shelves in the same area, make sure they can line up property in your walk-in freezer or kitchen.


Do you need your shelving to move around or remain stationary? Standard wire racks do not have wheels at the bottom, but security units and bun pan racks do.  If you need shelves that will move around in the kitchen consider these options instead since they will be the most convenient to utilize.


If you need to lock up the items you have on your shelving, make sure you get a security unit that you can lock. This will essentially be a cage for your food, wine, and more so other people cannot get into them. Security units are more expensive than other commercial restaurant shelving, but they are well worth the investment.  You wouldn’t put your granddad’s valuable rifle in a cardboard box, would you?


If you know you will need shelf labels, product separators, and other shelving accessories, make sure to buy shelving that will accommodate those accessories. Most shelving add-ons are flexible enough to work with many different types of shelving, but that is not always the case. Verify compatibility on both ends before you make your decision.

Use the tips above to pick out the right shelving for your restaurant and you will not be disappointed in your investment.

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