Equip your Food Prep Station for Speed and Efficiency

The very heart and success of your commercial kitchen or food service business can very much depend on food prep. The quality of your service largely depends on the prep staff for everything from meat and vegetables for any dish to soups and sauces. Ensuring your kitchen and staff has the appropriate tools to make food prep easy and efficient can significantly reduce your costs in labor and food waste. Hobart food processors are designed for speed and accuracy, making them an indispensable part of your commercial kitchen.

With capacities of up to 5280 pounds per hour, Hobart food processors are built for speed and consistency. Bowl-style counter top models are compact to help manage your kitchen space. A built-in patented scraper, see through lid and large hopper make the bowl-style food processor ideal for commercial kitchens with limited real estate.

Continuous-feed models feature large-sized hoppers which eliminate the need for pre-cuts and allow your operators to consistently chop, dice and slice a wide variety of products including continuous processing of longer vegetables such as carrots and cucumbers. The hopper for the Hobart
food processors with continuous-feed
is built on a 45-degree angle to make feeding easier and to reduce stress on food prep cooks.

Hobart food processors all include safety features to protect your workers. Interlock switches ensure the units do not operate unless they are fully engaged. Counter models feature rubber feet to prevent them from traveling while in operation.

The ability to slice, dice, shred and more make Hobart food processors incredibly versatile and virtually eliminate the need for knife-work. With more than 20 plates available, your food prep cooks can make quick work of the finest julienne for sophisticated salads to hundreds of pounds of potatoes cut for fries.

Oswalt Restaurant Supply understands the need for fast and efficient food prep for your commercial kitchen. We offer a full line of Hobart food processors that are designed to simply your food prep while providing consistency and durability View the food processor line here and contact us to help you choose the best Hobart food processor to meet your kitchen’s needs.

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