How to choose the right char-broiler for your commercial kitchen.

Choosing the Right Char-broiler for your Commercial Kitchen

Choosing the right food service equipment and supplies is essential to keeping your commercial kitchen running smoothly. One essential piece of equipment that no commercial kitchen should be without is a char-broiler.

Why have a char-broiler?

Everyone loves the taste and look of food cooked outside on an open grill, particularly over charcoal. Conventional grilling does not create the look, texture or taste of food cooked over hot coals. A char-broiler, however, allows you to recreate the taste and appearance of food cooked outdoors over charcoal without the hassle, safety risks and with the additional benefit of an easily controllable heat source. A variety of meats, including chicken, fish, steak, seafood and all kinds of vegetables can be cooked to perfection with Southbend, Vollrath or Wells char-broilers.

Choosing your char-broiler

Each kitchen is unique in its needs, including the food service equipment and supplies required to keep it running. A large kitchen with several staff members may require more equipment, than a smaller kitchen with a single chef. Similarly, much of the equipment you choose depends on the skills and preferences of your chef or kitchen manager, as well as the type of cuisine you serve. Choosing your char-broiler depends on several different elements, including:

  • The size of your kitchen
  • The number of tables you will turn
  • The expertise of your staff
  • Preferred or available heat source
  • Type of food to be cooked
  • The amount you want to spend
  • The returns you expect to see

The addition of a quality char-broiler to your kitchen will increase the variety of dishes you can offer and provide your customers with a unique culinary experience. An additional benefit of the counter top design is that any of the available models can be easily added to an existing kitchen without the need for costly remodeling. As soon as your char-broiler arrives, you can connect it to your power source and start creating a variety of new tasty masterpieces.

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