Gear up for Wedding Catering

How to Make Your Wedding Catering Jobs Proceed More Smoothly

If you’re a restaurant or dedicated caterer, wedding season probably fills you with anticipation – and more than a little anxiety! These tips will help you be well prepared for bridal showers, rehearsal dinners, and receptions.

Make Sure You Have Enough Staff

If you have a restaurant or dedicated catering business, you may have enough staff to handle your day-to-day operations, but you may need some additional hands on deck during wedding season. Hire additional temporary staff if needed to help with prep, delivery, and serving.

Publicize Your Services

To increase your business, you’ll need to let prospective brides and grooms know about your catering services. Participate in any local bridal fairs to reach your target audience, and come well prepared with samples to help draw people to your booth and wow them with your food.

Make Sure You Have the Equipment You Need

The best staff and the best food won’t mean much if you don’t have the equipment needed to properly execute, transport, present, and serve your menu. Replace any equipment that’s on its last legs, and add the new pieces you need to make wedding season go more smoothly.

Oswalt Restaurant Supply can help you get the right commercial kitchen equipment for your wedding catering jobs. From items to help you safely store and transport your food to serving platters and tiers that will show it off to its best advantage, we have a wide variety of catering products. Contact us for help in choosing what you need.

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