The Best Way to Keep Buffet Foods Warm

Whether you’re serving food in your restaurant or catering a special event, keeping foods warm on a buffet is always a top concern. This maximizes food safety as well as customer satisfaction, letting you serve – and keep – your food at just the right temperature.

Using the Right Food Service Equipment and Supplies

The proper food service equipment and supplies can help you keep foods warm on a buffet. These include the following:
• Chafing dishes

Also known as chafers, these dishes utilize a water pan underneath the dish to help keep items hot. An electric source or chafer fuel candle is used to heat the pan, which keeps the dish warm. The newest type of chafer is an induction chafer, which eliminates the need for fuel or a water pan.

Chafers come in a variety of attractive shapes and sizes, so they’re appropriate for any dish you need to keep warm. Their lids come in different styles to suit different needs. Roll-top lids are convenient when guests serve themselves, or use lift-off covers if your personnel will be serving.
• Warming drawers

Warming drawers can help keep food warm until you’re ready to serve it on the buffet. This way, you’ll be able to prepare enough food in advance so you don’t run out, but you’ll also be able to keep it warm before it’s actually placed on the buffet.

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