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Kitchen Supplies

What is a great restaurant without high-quality supplies? Here at the Oswalt Restaurant Supply store, we know how to help turn your restaurant into a sought-after culinary destination, and we are dedicated to supplying you with exactly that.

We specialize in the following wholesale restaurant supplies:

  • Restaurant plates
  • Restaurant glassware
  • Restaurant furniture
  • Restaurant utensils
  • Bakery supplies
  • Food preparation essentials
  • Storage must-haves
  • Kitchen tools
  • Textiles
  • Food safety equipment

What makes us stand out as a restaurant supply company

Our restaurant supply store pays attention to detail so that your food establishment has everything necessary not only to produce world class meals and appetizers but also to ensure your kitchen staff has a much easier time doing so.

Another factor that makes us stand out is the fact that we offer our restaurant supplies to you at competitive costs. So you get more than just quality – you get value, too!

From handy dough cutters and sturdy mixing bowls (all of which can help you to create the most delectable desserts) to chef knives and tongs. With our assistance, your kitchen is soon to be stocked with only the best, making it easier to produce only the best!

If you happen to own a specialty or ethnic restaurant, you will also be pleased to discover that we offer a range of unique supplies that will transform your kitchen and the way in which your staff makes food. We can provide you with pastry cases, salsa dishes, slicers, salad dryers, Italian pizza ovens, fajita skillets, and more. Click here to view our other specialty supplies on offer.

ultimately, no matter what you are looking for to complete your kitchen, Oswalt Restaurant Supply store has got you covered. For more information, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us… or save yourself some time and choose to shop online! Our online store is quick, easy and completely secure.