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About Us

We offer competitive pricing on a large selection of products and our professional service is unmatched in the business. Whether you’re visiting our website, walking in the front door of our showroom, or calling us for a quote, our team is working hard to provide you with the best experience possible!

Our Team

We constantly strive to move to a higher level as a group, allowing our people to become who they want to be, while producing a team incapable of being beat!

Our Projects

With over 40 years as a kitchen equipment contractor Oswalt has continually refined our processes, trained our team, and used the best technology available to make your project a success!



Oswalt can help to make your commercial kitchen come to life using the latest technology.


Our professional team of installers can help to build your space with efficiency and quality.


Our knowledgable staff will help you keep your kitchen up and running by making sure you always have what you require.


Every kitchen and dining room needs those day to day supplies that helps you function. Oswalt works to keep the best products that you require in stock and ready for you.


Whether its commercial refrigerators, freezers, ranges, ice machines, or any other piece of large equipment you require, we can help you pick the right pieces to meet your needs.