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Price is always a deciding factor when awarding projects to your sub-contractors. However, you can bet that even if Oswalt Restaurant Supply is not your "lowest bid" you will always receive VALUE seldom found in our industry. With over 20 years as a Kitchen Equipment Contractor Oswalt has worked through the years to refine our people and processes while making sure your project is always a success. Our focus on the construction industry and employee retention has allowed our people to forge relationships with your people making our team unbeatable.

Accurate & timely communication is essential in today's fast paced construction environment and without it projects will fail. Through the use of technology Oswalt is able to provide real time communication between all of our departments and personnel.

Proven Experience = Success! With our highly trained and skilled personnel that have "Been There, Done That" Oswalt provides you with the experience that has been proven over and over again!

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