Restaurant Equipment & Supply – Customer Ordering Trends

upArrow2Not all that long ago I was attending industry conventions focusing on how the internet could revolutionize the way restaurants placed their orders and how those orders were processed.  Clearly the internet has come a long way since then!  In some cases the restaurants have moved way faster than equipment & supply dealers, just the other day I ordered a pizza online and tracked it as it was being made, cooked, packaged, and delivered!

The fastest growing trend with our customers is to order on the internet.  The customer logs into their account, selects the products they need, we pull it, pack it, and ship it.  They are not ordering from some “random internet” company that they don’t know, but real people with real connections to their business.  This method  is a simple, yet invaluable tool to help expedite the process while reducing errors.

It’s always great when customers call in their orders and we get to chat about what’s new, of course we love it when someone stops by the store to pick something up…but no doubt about it….Internet ordering is the definitely the trend!

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