Muddler – Don’t get caught without one!

A few weeks ago I spent some time at a local lake and it was HOT!  I pulled out my handy Ipad, hit the google button, and searched for “refreshing summer drinks”.  To my surprise it seems I’m not the only person in the world looking for a drink on a hot day.  After some clicking I found a great recipe for a Mojito, lucky for me I had my trusty muddler!  All the ingredients were easy enough to find but the drink doesn’t work unless you smash (muddle) the ingredients into the drink.


A muddler is used to mash ingredients in drinks and is an essential bar tool.  It looks like a small baseball bat and comes in wood or plastic.  Oswalt Restaurant Supply is a great source for your muddlers and all other bar supplies!


Blodgett – Triple Mounted Heavy Duty Doors!

I was recently worked with a customer that came in looking for a new convection oven.  As we talked about their operation to determine what oven would best suite their needs I found myself taking about the Blodgett Heavy Duty Doors.  They created the strongest door in the industry by triple mounting them directly into the full angle iron frame.  Triple mount construction keeps the doors aligned and tightly sealed saving energy by preventing heat from escaping and the customers dollars from disappearing into thin air!

Blodgett – Built To Last!